Genesis And Exodus

*Honey and I  were over the moon to find out that we were expecting.  Soon after, at around week 10, life began to give us more than we were expecting.   At our 12 week ultrasound we learned that the fetus was no longer viable and had stopped growing.  The pathology report from my routine DNC reported a malignant tumor growing in my uterus.  I had a very rare cancer caused by a partial molar pregnancy called Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (GTD).  

When caught early this condition is 100% curable. Luckily, my GTD was caught early and after 5 rounds of chemo* and 1 year of  follow ups later, my gynecological oncologist declared me healthy and tumor and chemo free! He gave us the green light to reactivate the baby making.  With hope in our hearts and Honey's sperm in a sterile cup, we found ourselves in the stir ups of a reproductive and fertility MD.  

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*Honey is what my 9 year old calls my husband/his step-father. He started calling him Honey when he was 2. Now everyone calls our Honey, Honey.

Why Didn't You Want A Girl?

“Is it as obvious to you as it is to the rest of the world that life has shortchanged you?” That's not word for word what people ask me when I tell them I have 3 sons. Word for word sounds more like this:  

"Three boys! WoW! You didn’t want a girl?” OR "You’re so lucky you don’t have a girl, they are difficult.” OR "Boys love their mothers.”

My untested and scientifically anemic hypothesis is that the questions and follow up questions come from the same people who ask young couples "When are you getting married?" Ask married people "When are you going to have a baby?" and ask married people who just had a baby "When are you are you going to have another one?"  

The questions and the follow ups about my kids' gender doesn't bother me because I don't know what to say. I just don't know what to say without sounding defensive.

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Chewbaccaa Mom, Perfect.

My oldest son Micah received the very sad news that Annie, his dog, had died.  Annie was a lovable but not particularly attractive Boston Terrier mix whom his Dad and I rescued from an outdoor festival 14 years ago.   We believed that if we didn't take her, no-one would. That's why we signed the dog adoption papers and named her for the famous orphan (the red-headed version).  What Annie lacked in esthetics, she made up for in heart and soul.  Up until her last playful, squirrel catching moments, she was a fun loving, easy-going who had just turned 15.  

Micah is our 8 year old star hockey player who dreams of being a Linebacker in The NFL and has requested on at least two different occasions that we contact Social Security to change his name to "Beast Mode" is super sensitive and doesn't take losing a pet well. 

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Adventures In Advanced Maternal Parenting.